Compact & Cost effective Inertial Navigation System for ROV navigation

4 000 m depth rating

0,15 deg heading accuracy

ROVINS NANO merges the established high-grade iXBlue inertial navigation system with our competitive IMU. It is built on iXBlue's renowned FOG truly solid state technology and offshore instrumentation expertise. ROVINS NANO offers the unbeatable stability and accuracy of the inertial position while simplifying the operation with its automatic and autonomous external sensor management. ROVINS NANO is the ROV navigation solution you can rely on, bringing an additional level of safety in case of deficient aiding sensors.

ROVINS nano - middle water station keepingROVINS nano - Inertial navigation system for ROV navigationROVINS nano - Inertial position & velocity, available without DVL


  • Inertial position & velocity, available without DVL
  • Open architecture; for all 3rd party sensors brands: DVL, USBL, LBL, Depth sensor ...
  • Sparse Array enhancement to your existing LBL network
  • Equivalent interfacing to ROVINS, PHINS, OCTANS
  • ITAR-free, fast export under O&G regulations
  • Cost effective: better ROI, lower TCO


  • Full INS and a gyrocompass
  • True north, roll & pitch, rotation rates
  • DVL & Depth sensor available as options
  • Optimized interface with RAMSES for added horsepower
  • Web GUI and legacy serial control commands
  • Stand-alone, small and light weight