Long baseline MF and LF positioning systems

Next-generation long baseline medium frequency and low frequency positioning systems

20-30 kHz MF band - 8-17,5 kHz LF band

Up to 6 000 m depth rating

Ramses is an acoustic synthetic baseline positioning system with self-contained computing, for simple real-time sparse array subsea navigation. Tightly coupled with iXblue inertial navigation system (INS), it delivers extreme precision and robustness in challenging acoustic operational environment. Available in MF and LF versions (medium frequency for most applications and low frequency for ultra-long range applications), Ramses is part of iXblue inertial-acoustic solutions for underwater positioning and navigation thanks to the connection with iXblue GAPS or POSIDONIA ultra-short baseline (USBL) positioning systems.

iXBlue Ramses acoustic synthetic baseline positioning systemiXBlue Ramses under waterRamses


  • Simplified mobilization, for ROVs and AUVs
  • LBL-grade navigation accuracy, w/ superior precision
  • Reduced number of required transponders
  • Flexible array deployment thanks to SLAM


  • Sparse LBL positioning, with SLAM capability
  • Full embedded processing, no top-side required
  • Centimeter range measurement precision
  • Tight coupling with all iXblue INS
  • Open system: operates with iXblue and third party transponders
Performance / Characteristics
Ramses 6000 (LF band)
Ramses (MF band)
Operating frequency
    8 - 17.5 kHz
20 - 30 kHz
Distance measurement accuracy (1)
 < 0.05 m
< 0.05 m
Position accuracy (INS aided, 2 transponders)
< 0.10 m
< 0.10 m
Maximum range (1)
8,000 m
4,000 m
Depth rating
6,000 m
6,000 m
Compatible Transponders
iXblue Oceano LF range
iXblue Oceano MF range +Third party transponders
Compatible USBL
With iXblue Posidonia
With iXblue Gaps
iXblue web MMI Ethernet, Serial, pulses
iXblue web MMI Ethernet, Serial, pulses
Power supply
12/36 Vdc / 9W
External, 12 / 36 Vdc / 9W
Titanium Remote Transducer
Duplex Stainless Steel Remote Transducer
Weight (air / water) kg
11 / 55
18 / 12
Size (OD x length) mm
505 x 126
505 x 126