Quadrans, IMO grade surface gyrocompass

Compact IMO gyrocompass and attitude reference system (AHRS)

0,2° heading accuracy

0,1° attitude sensor

Quadrans is a fully strap-down fiber-optic gyrocompass (FOG) and attitude reference system.
IMO and IMO-HSC certified, it provides all the necessary data for demanding navigation and control applications at a fast rate and with precise time-stamping.

Thanks to its low weight and small size, its low power consumption and its Ethernet/serial connectivity, it can be integrated with ease on any platform.

Based on state-of-the-art fiber-optic gyroscope technology, Quadrans provides a full range of navigation needs, without any compromise on performance and without requiring any maintenance during its service life.

Cruise ships navigationContainer ships navigation and cargo navigationCoast guard navigation


  • Plug and play​

  • Fast settling time​

  • Maintenance free​

  • Easy integration​

  • High reliability


  • Small compact and plug & play system​

  • Complete gyrocompass​

  • Unique strap-down technology fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG)​

  • Ethernet, web-based man-machine interface (MMI)​

  • IMO certification




  Heading accuracy   0,23 deg secant latitude
  Roll and pitch accuracy   0,1 deg
  Setting time   < 30 mn (all conditions)