Long range USBL system

Ultra-deep & long-range USBL

0.2 % accuracy of slant range

> 10 000 m range

POSIDONIA II is an ultra-short baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system for high-accuracy and ultra–long range tracking of subsea vehicles. It offers enhanced performance with a new electronic cabinet (USBL-Box) including the most recent iXblue acoustic signal processing and full compatibility with RAMSES 6000 synthetic baseline positioning system.


  • Deep tow operations with no need for second tracking vessel
  • High performance even in extremely adverse conditions
  • Added flexibility and better performance
  • Simple to deploy and operate


  • Extreme long-range beyond 10 000 m & 0.2% of slant distance accuracy *
  • Low frequency band, full wideband, robust to noise and multipath
  • Smoothly interfaces with iXblue positioning building blocks (INS, RAMSES, motion sensors)
  • Full Ethernet and iXblue web-based user interface

 * Performance depends on environment/noise conditions




0.2% of slant range

Range  >10 000 m 
Optimum performance of POSIDONIA II can be achieved when used in conjunction with other iXBlue navigation equipment (OCTANS gyrocompass or PHINS/ROVINS inertial navigation system). A complete and modular navigation solution comprising POSIDONIA II, RAMSES 6000 and PHINS/ROVINS offers ultimate performance with high position update rate and robust positioning.





  Deployable Flush
Source level 190 ± 3 dB ref 1μPa 192 ± 3 dB ref 1μPa
Bandwidth 8 - 14 kHz 8 - 14 kHz

14 - 18 kHz

14 - 18 kHz
Signal M-FSK M-FSK
Height 420 mm 245 mm (without connector)
Width 580 mm 800 mm
Weight in air 34 kg 180 kg






Man machine interface  iXBlue web-based user interface and DELPH RoadMap display software
 Protocols Industry standard (NMEA0183, binary)
GPS Any external GPS, DGPS, and RTK receiver
Pitch / roll / heading Input iXBlue’s inertial sensors and standard sensors
Sound velocity Sound velocity correction (ray bending, velocity error)
Pressure sensor External pressure sensor, optional OCEANO transponder sensor
External synchronisation Input / output