JH 200, JH 250, JH 500

Very low freqency tranducers

Very low freqency tranducers

More than 100% Bandwidth
Full depth capability
Frequency range: 0.2-0.5 kHz

iXblue has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of exceptionally very low frequency (VLF) fine-tuned ceramic transducers for operations at depth down to 6 000 meters.


  • Electromagnetic discretion and robustness Low power consumption

  • 32 hydrophones per fiber Cable connector complexity reduction

  • Very high dynamic application, passive sonar Allows ambient noise imaging

  • Deployable and retrievable antenna Very small drag acoustic array (UUV)

  • High dynamic range


  • All-optics technology

  • Wavelength domain multiplexing (WDM)

  • World record minimum detectable pressure (< DSS0)

  • Small diameter

  • Low noise interferometric interrogation system (fiber optic gyroscope technology), laser noise limited




  • Frequency: DC to 5,000 Hz

  • Bandwidth fluctuation: +/-1dB

  • Sensitivity >110 dB (Hz/Pa) (version dependent)

  • MDP < DSS0

  • Dynamic range > 130 dB

  • Crosstalk > 130 dB