HWIL flight and target motion simulators


DMS Series motion simulators perform accurate and closed-loop real-time testing of the unit under test (UUT). FMS Series simulate in real-time the trajectory of the detector under test and TMS Series are used for the simulation of the target behavior in front of the unit under test. This allows enhanced performances of UUTs, such as seekers, radar and optronic equipment. iXBlue proposes also customized design of motion simulators depending of UUT weight and size, and dynamic performance requested.


All iXBlue motion simulators are fully electrical equipment with very good reliability and easy maintenance in comparison with hydraulic systems. They are based on a unique in-house made Ngine controller which controls several axes (up to ten) in real time with an advanced servo-loop algorithm producing better bandwidth and real-time accuracy. The real-time hardware in the loop (HWIL) capabilities are required to perform the test of any system and are integrated in the NGine controller.









Dimensions3 m x 5 mWidth of 7,3 m and depth of 1,4 m5 m x 7 m
Type of axes

4 axes for position:

2-axis swiveling platform

2-linear axes X-Y

3 unlimited axes flight motion combined with 2 limited axes target motion4 unlimited axes flight motion and 3 limited axes target motion
Nominal payload and unit under test (UUT) weight

30-80 kg for flight UUT

50-300 kg for target UUT

50 kg

10-30 kg for flight UUT

50-300 kg for target UUT

Posiition accuracy+/- 1 arc sec+/- 1,5 mm (X-Y)+/- 1 arc sec
Rate range

Up to +/- 1500 deg/sec for flight motions

Up to +/- 1000 deg/sec for target motions

+/- 1 m/sec (X-Y)Up to +/- 1000 deg/sec for flight motions
Maximum acceleration

Up to +/- 12000 deg/sec 2for flight motions

Up to +/- 1000 deg/sec2 for target motions

+/- 10 m/sec2 (X-Y)Up to +/- 5000 deg/sec2 for flight motions

Features and benefits

  • Fully electrical equipment with improved reliability and reduced cost of ownership compared to hydraulic systems
  • Real time advanced servo-loop algorithm producing better bandwidth and real-time accuracy
  • Customized design on demand