Warship ECDIS system

WECDIS for navies, coastguards and customs

for navigation and surveillance with dedicated military features

Gecdis-W is a comprehensive system: it is fully ECDIS and WECDIS compliant, user-friendly and encompasses state-of-the-art military and surveillance features.

Gecdis-W presents a comprehensive range of specific military features in order to improve tactical situational awareness.

Gecdis-W enables the display and processing of a broad range of critical information.

Fishery surveillance, control and protectionSurveillance and interception


  • Strategic framework representation: routes, areas and limits, gun sectors

  • Enhanced navigation accuracy and reliability

  • 2D/3D positioning of underwater vehicules (AUV and SDV)

  • Real-time seabed mapping and danger detection

  • Mission planning and debriefing


  • Compliance to MED/IMO ECDIS

  • Compliance to WECDIS NATO: AML, Screen Kilo, gun sectors, haven moving

  • 2D/3D representation

  • ENC/ARCS/BSB/DNC chart representations

  • S57/S63/S52 compliant

  • AIS/RADAR/Video interfacing

  • Software development kit