Commercial and warship ECDIS situation table

Commercial and warship ECDIS situation table

for civil and battle space management

GECDIS-ST primary goal is to give synthetic navigation situational awareness to the crew of the ship:

  • Maintain a synthetic view of the maritime situation. The DECOP constantly centralizes all the information required for the crew to assess the current situation (AIS/RADAR/IR video/underwater tracking systems etc..)
  • Allow perception of the situation. GECDIS-ST supports the crew with aiding mechanisms to manage a threat.
  • Comprehension of the situation. The crew can query GECDIS-ST for detailed information about a specific target.
  • Support decision making. GECDIS-ST helps the commanding officer to take the right decision he DECOP the same information.

GECDIS-ST is the support equipment for the crew to take the appropriate measures in a complex hostile environment, in a timely manner.


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