Gaps system - Ultra short baseline (USBL) positioning system

High performance USBL positioning system

0.06 % accuracy of slant range

Up to 4,000 m range

The iXblue fourth-generation pre-calibrated Gaps combines high performance ultra-short baseline (USBL) and a fiber-optic inertial navigation system (INS) in the same housing to provide accurate position of any subsea object, in diverse and challenging environments.

Its performance ranges from extremely shallow water to deep sea. Its compact and all-in-one design allows both portable and permanent installations. 

One of Gaps key new features is support of dynamic positioning (DP).

GAPS support of dynamic positioning DPultra-short baseline USBLGAPS flying case


  • Cost- and time-saving deployment: flexible, portable, pre-calibrated, rapid, and simple
  • Robust performance in very shallow water (10 m depth) to long range (> 4,000m depth)​
  • Deployment options, from surface buoy, side pole, moon pool or hull mounted​
  • Universal utilization


  • Integrated USBL, high-grade INS, real-time positioning and GPS
  • Position accuracy: 0,06% x slant range
  • Advanced signal processing and 3D acoustic antenna for range and accuracy performance
  • Powerful dynamic positioning (DP) mode (L/USBL/INS)