Forward looking sonar

Forward looking sonar

Maximum recording range: up to 1,500 m

Azimutal & elevation sector coverage: 120°

The 3D multi-beam FLS product range has been developed for multipurpose applications such as mine and obstacle avoidance, real-time mapping and navigation, and rapid environment assessment.


Available in very compact packaging (FLS150) for portable and lightweight integration, or in a long-range, deep-water configuration (FLS60) for large ships or submarine integrations, FLS products are fully mission configurable.


They are able to be natively integrated in an electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS) environment.

Forward looking sonar


  • Excellent angular and range resolution 3D volume imaging


  • Metrological measurements


  • Bottom, water column and surface object detection


  • Bottom bathymetry and backscattering ahead of vehicle


  • Embedded Inertial Motion Unit, for optimized stabilization (transmission & reception)


  • Georeferenced acoutic data embedded in a navigation software


  • Database & HTML communication protocol, allowing easy integration in thirt party SW


  • Real-time 3D detection and geo-referencing


  • Embedded MEMs for automatic stabilization


  • Forward bathymetry


  • Vertical and horizontal scanning


  • Easy integration with just an on-board PC and a power supply