ECHOES 10 000

ECHOES 10 000

Ultra high resolution sub-bottom profiler

For shallow water surveys

Pole mounted

8 cm resolution

Frequency range: 5-15 kHz

This is the SBP with the highest resolution on the market. Its unique features make it a tool of choice for sediment analysis, archeology or detection of buried pipes.

ECHOES 10000 is an ultra high-resolution sub-bottom profiler (SBP) designed for shallow water environments. It incorporates iXblue flat spectrum Tonpilz ceramic transducers allowing unrivaled data delivery.

Together with DELPH seismic acquisition, it is a full-feature survey tool with DELPH interpretration high-productivity software, enabling a mission to be achieved successfully and effortlessly.


  • High level data quality

  • Large bandwidth (>100%)

  • Stealth True flat spectrum

  • CHIRP Compression offering best resolution/penetration compromise

  • High Signal-to-noise ratio

  • State of the art 24-bits dynamic

  • Compact and robust

  • One solution for every application

  • Delph Acquisition and Post-Processing Software insiden


  • True flat spectrum, high-directivity CHIRP Signal

  • Full package: antenna, rugged rack, laptop PC

  • Stealth Easy pole-mounted solution

  • Databasing of all information

  • Worldwide iXblue network




Operational depth            Shallow water
Frequency range 5 – 15 kHz
Resolution 8cm
Frequency response 0,01 deg
 Digital data format 24 bit raw data / Segy 32 bits floating point
Available pulses AM-FM / User-designed and chirp library
Directivity 20° (Frequency dependant)
Typical mount Pole-mounted / over the side Pole or hull-mounted
Transmission power 2 kVA (4 kVA option)