Sonar processing software

Sonar processing software

for side-scan sonar surveys

DELPH Sonar is a complete acquisition, processing and interpretation software package designed to easily perform accurate and productive side-scan sonar surveys. Providing an optimal QC at any stage and relying on DELPH powerful workflow and ease-of-use, side-scan sonar mapping has never been so fast.


DELPH Sonar acquisition interfaces to most analog and digital side-scan sonars. With a dedicated interface for each, it provides a unified data logger to record raw data in industry standard XTF format.
DELPH Sonar interpretation is a dedicated tool for processing, analyzing and mapping any side-scan sonar data. Highly productive, it embeds high-level processing and benefits from DELPH batch processing and mosaicking capabilities. The 2D profile view and 3D geographic visualization provide global QC and fast integration with other data types.


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