ATLANS software

ATLANS post-processing software

INS / GNSS post-processing software

for iXBlue ATLANS-C

ATLANS Post-Processing Software is a powerful tool for improved accuracy and increased reliability for mobile mapping (MM) applications.
ATLANS Post-Processing Software is all-in-one software and combines GNSS and INS in post-processing. It relies on the Septentrio-iXBlue GNSS inertial link (SIGIL) smart coupling algorithm between INS and GNSS data.
ATLANS Post-Processing Software is easy to use for data management. It utilizes forward, backward, and smoothing techniques for optimal trajectory computation. ATLANS Post-Processing Software allows seamless integration with sensor data collected in the field. It reduces the amount of offline work and boosts productivity due to batch processing capability. The data can be easily exported to common third party image processing software packages.

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