High grade inertial navigation systems

0,5mil heading accuracy

0,1 % of distance traveled (DT) position accuracy

ADVANS VEGA is an inertial navigation system which provides a continuous, instant-on position and orientation for radars, topographic survey, missile alignment and artillery howitzers and multiple rocket launchers. ADVANS VEGA is highly accurate (0.3 mils), robust to GPS drop out, maintenance-free and qualified for military environment including launchers as 155 mm howitzers.


• All tactical applications

• Instant-on location, azimuth and elevation

• Robust to GNSS-denied environment

• High reliability

• Easy to integrate and operate

• Low cost of ownership

• No periodic maintenance


• High accuracy

• Compactness

• Capability to navigate with or without GNSS

• Solid-state and strap-down technology

• Resistant to high level of shocks

• Web-based user interface 

• ITAR-free components

• Open to all standard protocols












Horizontal position (CEP 50) 0.1% DT
Heading accuracy ( RMS)² 0.5 mil
Roll / pitch accuracy ( RMS)² 0.2 mil
Static set-up time  
Tpical dynamic set-up time  
Fast alignment (stored values) 30 sec