Advans Theodolite

theodolite, Gun laying and topographic systems

Gun laying and topographic systems

Advans Theodolite is a classic tripod mounted theodolite with full navigation capabilities. Contrary to classic theodolites, the position, heading and elevation are continuously available in real time during transit, while set-up on tripod and in operation. Advans Theodolite is therefore in full operation in less than 15 seconds.

This feature is important as it offers immediate support to launchers on the move, and provides artillery topography and survey teams with high flexibility in the field.

Very easy to integrate, the Advans Theodolite can be adapted to any type of vehicle, operated from any vehicle platform or dismounted, and it can be connected to any artillery fire control system. Equipped with a centering device allowing exact positioning, the system is also highly suitable for survey teams.


  • Very easy to integrate

  • Adaptable to any type of vehicle

  • Can be connected to any artillery fire control system



Horizontal position accuracy * 0.10% x DT CEP
Azimuth accuracy *    0.5 mil rms
Class 1 Laser Range Finder* Range 2000m - Accuracy <1m
GNSS compatibility Standard NMEA 0183
Environment Mil Std 810 - 461 – 1275
Sight  Optical 4X
Hand held Tablet PC