About Us

About iXBlue

iXBlue is a leading global provider of innovative solutions and services for navigation, positioning, and imaging. Civil and defense customers rely on our systems, operations, and services for the challenges they face at sea, on land, in the air or in space.


We are recognized throughout the industry for our pioneering work on the development of ultimate performance fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG), acoustic and sonar signal processing, and inertial-acoustic sensor data fusion. In all of these areas, we work to ensure that our products provide high accuracy, unrivalled performance and unsurpassed reliability.


iXBlue’s offerings encompass inertial navigation systems, photonic components and modules, acoustic positioning and sonar solutions, imaging systems, motion simulators, and stabilized platforms.


Our solutions are used in challenging applications, including offshore construction and dredging, geophysics and hydrography, ocean science, maritime vessels and yachting, fishing, naval and land defense, land and air survey, optical communications and instrumentation, as well as aerospace.


iXBlue also differentiates itself through full value chain expertise and vertical integration, easy-to-use versatile products, professional services, customer care, and long-term partnerships.


iXBlue serves customers through sales and support offices around the world, offering 24/7 assistance.

iXBlue advantage

iXBlue is an established international technology company with a professional staff of over 500 and operations in more than 30 countries. Our success is based on our ability to deliver excellent products and services to customers who operate in some of the most demanding fields of human endeavor.


The foundations of iXBlue’s technical and commercial success are full-value-chain expertise, vertical integration, easy-to-use, versatile products, professional services, customer care and the ability to establish and maintain successful partnerships.


Research and development is central to our activities and our company is recognized as a pioneer in many technical disciplines. This focus on innovation has enabled us to establish and maintain a leading position in our strategic markets over the past three decades.